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Spot Repeats

A spot design is where the design element is isolated within a unit to form a spot repeat.

Single Spot Unit

Single Spot
Unit x 4

Unit in repeat

Spot (Non Directional) Repeats

Spot or as they are otherwise known non directional repeats are generally used for fashion fabrics. The overall repeat design appears to be very loose and it is quite difficult to see. The fact that they are spot repeats indicates that generally only one motif is in use, however more than one motif can be used in this process.

With a spot repeat you must evenly break up the original unit, and position your individual elements in a well spaced out interesting manner. Take care to ensure that you are achieving the correct joins between the top, bottom, left and right hand side of the unit.

Eleven spot repeat individual unit
Eleven spot repeat full design

Turning Patterns

One way of creating quick patterns is to use an individual motif and turn it round its own axis. This is done in a very structured way, or you can use the method of spot repeat.

The individual Unit  

Flipping Horizontal

Flipping Vertical



Turning Spot

Design rotated through 90°, 180°and 270°




  Unit of Repeat   4 Repeats   Sample

Counter change
Colours reverse alternately. Four Motifs make a unit
of repeat




  Unit of Repeat   4 Repeats   Sample

Design is isolated within unit to form a spot






  Unit of Repeat   4 Repeats   Sample

Design is moved along half its width in each successive row




  Unit of Repeat   4 Repeats   Sample

Drop Repeats

Half Drop
Design drops
1⁄2 way down once, within
the unit.






  Unit of Repeat   4 Repeats   Sample


Quarter Drop
Design drops 1⁄4. 1⁄2 and
3⁄4 way down
the unit.





  Unit of Repeat   4 Repeats   Sample

Cut Through Repeats
Using a random collection of circles

Starting with your original artwork


Add a horizontal registration line approx 1-2cm away from the design artwork


Now start to look for an area to cut through, which will cut through as few of the lines as possible.


The cut through with the left hand and right hand sides separated.


Now move the right hand part to the left, and the left hand part to the right.


Now move them together or even overlap them, making sure that the registration line is still absolutely straight.


Once you are happy with the join, sellotape together. Making sure that the overall width will fit the width of your screen


OWidth of Screen

You can now add some extra circles to ‘cover’ the worst of the join




Place your artwork on squared paper to check your repeat is running parallel to your registration line.


Finally add a perpendicular line to your registration line and mark it LHS (Left Hand Side)

Final printed design  


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