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Washing/Developing screens is a simple process if you follow the guidelines below. Taking shortcuts at any stage will result in a screen that will cause difficulties when trying to achieve a clean crisp print. The worst scenario would be a screen that will not print, forcing you to re-coat, dry and expose another screen.

1. You should start the washing process as soon as possible after exposure, remembering that when you take your screen out of the exposing room it will continue to be exposed to ultra violet light from the daylight entering workshop windows.
2. In the large sink, wet your screen on both sides straight away with warm water for about 30 secs.
3. Now concentrate on the squeegee side of the screen, this is the side of the screen that was furthest away from the light source and will have the softer emulsion which will need more washing.
4. DO NOT concentrate on you design area. It is the whole squeegee side of the screen that needs equal washing.
5. After about 1 min of washing, start to gently rub the whole squeegee side of the screen with your open hand, you will probably notice that some of the blue emulsion coming off on your hands, this will show you that the screen needs more washing.
6. Continue to wash the screen until there is no trace of the emulsion coming off on your hands.
7. Then a final rinse on both sides with cold water.
8. Finish by blotting both sides of the screen with clean flat newsprint and place the screen on the window sill to dry completely.


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