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Basic rules can be applied when using the Exposure table. Listed below are the step by step rules which if followed should help you achieve a safe and successful exposure.

1. Close the exposing room door and check that your coated screen is thoroughly dry.
2. Check that the glass on the exposure table is CLEAN. If it's not - clean it.
3. Remove your dry coated screen from the drying cupboard and position it on the exposure table - mesh side upwards.
4 Place your separation drawn side/image side down onto the screen, center you design within the screen then move it 5cm towards one of the shorter ends of the screen, (this is to give you slightly more room at one end of the screen for pouring in your dye/resting squeegees etc.). Double check that the entire design area is within an area coated with emulsion.
5. Ensuring that you do not move the separation, SELEOTAPE the separation onto the screen.
6. Turn your screen over so that your separation is positioned between the glass and your screen.
7. Place the vacuum tube inside your screen. Close the vacuum frame and clamp shut with the four clamps, starting with the front clamps.
8. Switch on the vacuum pump at the wall and the exposure table (RHS table leg), wait until full vacuum contact is made, then while holding onto the exposure table, release the brake lever downwards, swivel the table upwards to a vertical position and gently pull up the brake lever.
9. Make sure that the ultra violet lamp switch is on at the wall, that ALL cupboard doors are tightly closed. Dial in exposure time on the control panel on the U.V. light, - Outer 50Hz scale. 2mins is a good average time for Textile screens with separations which have some fine detail and blocks of flat area which need exposed.
10. Leave the room and close the door. Expose the screen by switching on the Exposure switch which is on the left hand side of the door.
11. Wait until the light switches itself off and large fans switch on (you will hear a change in noise from within the room). After exposure DO NOT switch off the exterior switch until the large fans have stopped running (approx 90secs) but you can safely enter the room.
12. After exposure hold onto the exposure table, release the brake lever downwards, swivel the table downwards to a horizontal position and gently pull up the brake lever.
13. Switch off the vacuum pump, release the 4 clamps starting with the side clamps then remove the vacuum tube and lift your screen off the exposure table.
14. Remove your separation from the screen.


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