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There are two steamers in the department, a sample steamer and a large star steamer.
The steamer you use depends on the size of fabric you wish to steam. For fabrics that are A3 or less, use the sample steamer for everything else use the star steamer.

Sample Steamer

The sample steamer as the name suggests is for steaming small samples of fabric - A3 max only. Placement prints and lengths of fabric should be steamed in the Star steamer

1 Switch on ventilation fan. Switch on sample steamer. It will take approx one hour to come up to temperature.
2 Loosely roll up your sample to be steamed in a clean sheet of newsprint. Place the rolled up fabric in the steaming basket and cover the steamer with four to six sheets of newsprint, this will help to trap the steam and stop condensation dripping back down onto your sample
3 Steam your fabric for the required time.
4 If steaming for more than 15 minutes, then replace the newsprint on top of the steamer with new dry sheets every 15 minutes
5 When finished switch off steamer and ventilation fan.


Star steamer

The star steamer is used for larger placement prints and lengths of fabric.

1 Switch on ventilation fan. Make sure all clamps on the steamer door are closed. Switch on star steamer. It will take approx one and a half hours to come up to temperature.
2 Layout an appropriate length of steaming cloth on a table and cover it with a sheet of clean uncreased newsprint, so that the long edge of the newsprint is flush with the edge of the steaming cloth that have the tiers.
3 Lay your length of fabric to be steamed on top of the newsprint and cover it with another sheet of clean uncreased newsprint, making sure that both are flush with the edge of the steaming cloth that have the tiers.
4 With dress making pins, pin the sheets of newsprint, your fabric and the steaming cloth together along the edge of the steaming cloth that have the tiers. Pinning every 20cm. (See diagram below)
Steaming Cloth
5 Trim off any excess newsprint that is out with the steaming cloth.
Loosely roll up the steaming cloth, making sure that none of the tiers are tucked inside.
7 Hang the steaming star on the pulley. With your left hand pick up the exposed end of the steaming cloth, with your right hand pick up the bulk of the steaming cloth. Start to hook the tiers onto the star with your left hand - starting in the center of the star then spiraling outwards.
8 Finally use some blue toweling and 'thread' them between all the tiers so there are no gaps where condensation from the steamer can fall into the steaming cloth and onto your fabric.
9 Open the door of the star steamer in the following sequence. Undo the bottom clamp. Undo the top clamp. Undo the middle clamp by pushing the door handle with your left hand and unclamping with your right. Opening the door in this manner will prevent you being scalded from steam escaping from the open door.
10 With a clean rag wipe away any condensation from the star hanger inside the door.
11 Hang the star on the star hanger, making sure it slots in and down into the star hanger.
12 Carefully close the steamer door, clamp it closed starting with the middle clamp then the top and bottom clamps
13 Leave your fabric to steam for the required time
14 Carefully open the door as in No 3 above. Using oven gloves, remove the star
from the steamer and hang the star on its holding hook. Return to the steamer
and close and clamp the door, remember to switch both the steamer and the ventilation fan off.
15 Unhook the steaming cloth from the star and place the star back on the window sill. Unroll the steaming cloth and remove all pins. Remove the top sheet of newsprint.
16 Leave your print to air for 15 minutes before washing.


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