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Necessary Equipment

It is necessary for you to be prepared before using the workshops. Items you should have to hand at ALL times include:

  Notebooks Parcel tape
  A Working Black Biro Pen Tape Measure
  Sharp 2B Pencil Sellotape
  Dress Making Pins Masking Tape
  Sharp Craft Knife Calculator
  Sharp Scissors Dye Mixing Containers
  Paint Brushes  

Screen Sizes

Maximum Image Sizes
Sample Screens
37" (94cm)
48" (122cm)
12 off
  17" (43cm) x 24" (61cm)  
35" (89cm)
44" (112cm)
12 off
  10" (25cm) x 12" (30cm)  
32" (81cm)
40" (102cm)
12 off
27" (69cm)
41" (104cm)
12 off
22" (56cm)
40" (102cm)
32 off
20" (51cm)
40" (102cm)
16 off


To Print the fabric, place the screen mesh side down onto the fabric. Make sure that all your image area is on the fabric to be printed. If this cannot be avoided, place clean newsprint between the open effected areas of your screen and the table, so as not to let the dye pass directly through onto either the calico table or onto table adhesive.

Select a squeegee that will comfortably fit your image area, then with someone holding the screen, place a suitable amount of dyestuff into the well of the frame.

The dye is transferred to the fabric by placing the squeegee in front of the dye, then using both hands push the squeegee and dye across the screen, using even pressure and with the squeegee at an approximate angle of 45° away from you. Once at the other end move the squeegee 2cm towards you, lift and place it back down behind the bead of dye and pull the squeegee towards you, again with even pressure and at the same 45° angle.

If the pressure is unevenly distributed the end result maybe poor with some areas paler or even unprinted. If the squeegee is held too upright the blade may not push enough dye through the mesh, likewise if it is held too shallow to much dye may pass through the mesh, which may result in ‘bleeding’.

Most fabrics will require two to four ‘pulls’ of the squeegee to give a good result. On finer fabrics such as silk you may only need one pull, depending on the image. On heavier fabrics such as velvet you may need up to six to twelve pulls. It is always advisable to do tests before printing large areas or final prints.


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