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In order for the department to run effectively it is extremely important that certain guidelines are adhered too. Below are some general rules which are for your studio members well being. Most are common sense and some are in place in order to save wastage of materials.

1. Powdered dyes and chemicals can be hazardous if not handled correctly. Always wear protective gloves, aprons and dust masks.
2. Never use any sharp or pointed implement directly onto the print tables.
Do not cut on tables.
3. Keep print tables clear & clean. When printing ensure that dye pastes are placed well under the tables to avoid accidental spillage, not on the table and not in the walkways.
4. Keep general work surfaces clean & tidy, replace dyes & chemicals with lids
on after use.
5. Thoroughly clean & replace dye bowels/baths after use.
6. Electronic scales cost £200 - £600, treat with great care. Place a paper towel on the weighing area to avoid spillages and to keep them clean.
7. Screens are expensive and very easily damaged therefore care must be taken when carrying, lifting and storing them.
8. Screens should be stood against a flat surface, such as the window radiator or a wall, where both sides of the screen make contact and it is not likely to fall over. The mesh must not be the point of contact for supporting the screen, i.e. leaning the screen against the corner of a table. Do not place small screens in front of larger screens.
9. Be very aware when carrying screens, especially large ones, of how easy it is to damage other screens by careless maneuvers. Ask for help with lifting a screen if it is awkward or too heavy.
10. Screens should be coated and exposed within 12 hours. Have your separations ready for exposure before coating screens.
11. Label your screens with your name, year and date. Your screens will be safe for seven days ONLY, unless you re-date them. Otherwise they maybe reclaimed.
12. Newly exposed/washed screens should be placed on top of window radiator to dry.
13. Wash screens & squeegees as soon as you have finished printing, leave your screen back in storage or on top of the window radiator to dry, hang squeegees back up to drip dry.
14. When you have finally finished with your screens, remove all parcel tape, bolts and ‘L’ bar and leave them at Right Hand Side of the large sink for reclaiming.
15. Switch off fan heaters and irons if you leave the area.
16. Personal stereos must not be used.


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