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1. Switch on the large steamer one and a half hours before you need to use it.
2. Switch on the ventilation fan (green button on the right hand side of the main door to the room)
3. Once it has reached boiling point (in one and a half hours) open the door in the following sequence.
Undo the bottom clamp. Undo the top clamp. Undo the middle clamp by pushing the door handle with
your left hand and unclamping with your right. Opening the door in this manner will prevent yourself
being scalded from steam escaping from the open door.
4. With a clean rag wipe away any condensation from the star hanger inside the door.
5. Hang the star on the star hanger, making sure it slots in and down into the star hanger.
6. Carefully close the steamer door, clamp it closed starting with the middle clamp then the top and
bottom clamps
7. Leave your fabric to steam for 30 mins to 8 hours depending on fabric.
8. Carefully open the door as in No 3. above. Using oven gloves, remove the star from the steamer and hang the star on its holding hook. Return to the steamer and close and clamp the door, remember to switch both the steamer and ventilation fan off.
9. Unhook the steaming cloth from the star and place the star back on the window sill. Unroll the steaming cloth and remove all pins. Remove the top sheet of newsprint if there is one.
10. Leave your print to air for 30 mins


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