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1. Open your design unit to be repeated in AVA by dragging your design file icon onto AVA’s icon in the dock (2nd icon down in the dock).
2. Choose View > Set Repeat inspector (Command Alt B). Enter the number of repeats needed, for example 2 x 2, and set the drop amount or leave it on zero if no drop is required.
3. Click on either the second, third or fourth button in the Mirrors section and the design will update to show the chosen mirror effect.
4. Choose Edit > Select > All
5. Select the Crop tool
  Hold down the Control key and click in the design. Choose 'Set From Selection'.
from the sub menu.
6. Keep the Control key down and click on design again, this time choose 'Crop One Repeat'.
from the sub menu.
7. Choose File > 'Save As'.   Choose AVA 3 from the drop down Format options. Navigate and save your new AVA 3 file in the folder that has your original image.

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