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  You can create new Colourways easily in Quick Colourways and work on more than one at a time.
1. Within a Quick Colourways window Choose Colourways > New. A duplicate of the first Colourway will appear on the page. They will both display Colourway 1
2. Click on the ‘+’ button in the Layers window The new Colourway will change to Colourway 2, but the colours will remain the same as Colourway 1.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add more Colourways.
  Tip: Hold down the Option key as you click on the ‘+’ button to create a black colourway of the design instead of a duplicate of the current Colourway.
  The Duplicate command copies the current colourway scale and frame size and if possible shows a unique colourway. Choose Colourways > Duplicate.
  The buttons at the top of the Layers window provide quick and easy navigation through the Colourways of the active design. The active Colourway number is displayed between two arrows which are used to scroll through the Colourways.
  Do one of the following:
  Click on one of the arrow buttons on the left or right of the Colourway number in the Layers window to view the various Colourways of the design.
  Choose View > Next Colourway / Previous Colourway.
  Click on the Colourway number and drag over to another Colourway number. The active Colourway on the Quick Colourways page will update to show the newly selected Colourway.
  You can save colourways to a separate file format called “.cway”. This is particularly useful as it allows you to archive colourways separately from your design data.
  Choose the Layers Paletts action menu > Save Colourways.
  Note: Only the colourway names plus the actual colours are saved. This feature does not store the colourway layout. All colourways are saved but icc profiles are ignored.
  Choose the Layers Paletts action menu> Load Colourways.
  The existing Colourways are not replaced instead the new Colourways are added after the last existing Colourway. The Remove Duplicate Colourways command is automatically run (see below) to ensure that you are left without duplicate colourways. After loading, you will be informed of how many colourways were added and how many duplicates (if any) were removed.
  Once you have used the Load and Save Colourway feature, you should find major benefits in many workflow situations.
  The command Remove Duplicate Colourways allows you to automatically remove colourways which are identical.
  Choose the Layers Paletts action menu > Remove Duplicate Colourways.
  A colourway is considered a duplicate if each colour as well as the colourway name and any set icc profiles are the same. When a duplicate is found, the one with the higher colourway number is removed. This command is not only useful to remove black or blank colourways but also for removing any other colourways which may have been created during the colouring process.
  Note: As with any other delete operations relating to colours, you will have to reset the colourways objects in the Quick Colourways window. The deletion of colourways objects is not automatically compensated for by the software.


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