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AVA Flat Colour Separations enables you to make quick and easy separations of flat designs, even if you have no experience of separations.

1. Open a flat design. e.g.
2. Make sure the image is visable. i.e. a black dot inside the circle to the left of the layer indicates that it is visible. If the layers pallet is not visable Choose window > layers.
  To separate the design in to layers select the Pipette Tool from the Toolbox. Click once on a flat colour and then select 'Show Add Layers Window...' from the Layers action menu.
4. In the newly opened Show Add Layers Window, select 1 Bit Spot layer.
5. Continue creating layers from the main colours in the design. As you create a separate layer for each colour in your design, a colour block will appear under the image icon in the Layers pallete
  Note: If the design has any white in it, you must select that as well, even if you are not going to use the layer as a separation.
6. When your have created as many layers as required, the design is ready to be separated.
Make sure the image is visable but not active (no pencil) and activate each new layer. Click on the pencil on the top NEW layer and drag downwards. They will become black to indicate that they are now active.
7. Choose Separate > Automatic. If the design is fairly large, a short time bar may appear on screen. When the time bar has disappeared, make the layers visible and make the image invisible.
8. Check the individual layers by making them visible one by one.
9. If areas of the design have not separated cleanly use the Mover to correct them.
In this example some of the background is on the lightest pink layer.
10. Choose Window > Mover. By clicking on the radio button to the left of the lightest pink and clicking on the radio button to the right of the background colour, anything you now select will move from the lightest pink layer to the background layer
  Select the Filled Freedrawn Shape tool and sellect the area you want transfered to the backgroung
  Continue until you have cleaned up each layer.
  For working with your seperated design and creating new colourways see
  Quick Colourways • Overview
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