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Choose Window > Tools or use the shortcut Command Shift T
to open the Tools window.

Selecting a tool

1. Click on a tool and it will turn dark grey (indicating that it is active).
2. To change functions, simply click on another tool.

Most of the tools have letter keys assigned to them, known as quick keys. Simply press a key on the keyboard and the relevant tool will be selected in the Tools window (see the Tools window diagram fn

If you let your cursor hover over one of the tools, its tool tip will be revealed. This will give you the name of the tool along with its
quick key.

Click on the various Tool icons for further information >>>
Measure Tool Hand Tool (h) Crop Tool (x) Magic Wand Tool (m) Rectangular Tool (d) Laso Tool (l) Magnify Tool (g) Selecting Colours Free Rotate Tool (t) Text Tool (t) Distort Tool (w) Move Origin Tool (z) Pin Tool (n) Pipette Tool (i) Combined Spline Tool (s) Bucket Tool (k) Spray Tool (a) Brush Tool (p) Eraser Tool (e) Pencil Tool (j) Clone Tool (c) Dodge and Burn Tool (o) Smudge Tool Splater Tool (y) Solid Fill Tools Vignette Tool Outline Fill Tools Line Tool Grid Selection Tool Measure Tool Contour Grid Tool Perspective Grid Tool Rectangular Grid Vector Tools

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