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Example Animation

This project requires you to make an animation from the image shown above. The target Audience is 16-25 years old and the animation should preferably be black and white although minimal colour can be introduced.

Your animation and design should strive to give the tidy man a personality, and as a guideline, might be a fun, humorous, ironic, subversive, embrace perversity of stupidity.

The only stipulations are that you should incorporate the tidy man character and that the animation should discourage littering.

Click the links below for examples of previous students' work

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The link below shows the level of characterisation that can be achieved even from very simple shapes





Support Files

Click here to download Tidy Man Support Files
• The folder will probably download to the 'Downloads' folder
• If so, drag it to your computer's desktop



Tidy Man exercises

Click here for a guide to making the Tidy Man throw litter in a bin.

Click here for a guide to making the Tidy Man walk across the stage.

Click here for a guide to making the Tidy Man walk but with jointed legs (using the Bone Tool).

Click here for a guide to making a piece of litter 'blow' across the stage (using Rotation and Motion Editor).



Editing and importing sound

Click here for information on editing sound and importing it into Flash.




Click here for further information on the ENCAMS web site.

Click here for more information on Flash on the Studio IT website.

Click links here and here to see examples of walking figures.