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In this project we will be creating a 3 x A4 pull-out page for a Fabric Trend Predication Book.

The aim of the page is to tell the story of your fabric collection. The collection also requires you to create a Title to describe the mood and theme of the collection and a short description.

Scan samples of your work and suitable colour photos from images you have taken which use your colour range to create a layout similar to the pages shown at the bottom of this page.

Also remember to leave space on the pages for adding real textile samples and small plastic bags with texture samples.

The project involves scanning images and manipulating them in photoshop. The final layout will be done in Macromedia Freehand. Download the Freehand template document to your desktop by clicking here.

The layout has been designed to allow you to add your text and images. You can change the layout of the page to suit your design but you can not move the bar down the right and the punch holes.

Please make sure all photoshop images added to page are at least 200dpi and are saved as JPEG's.

For information on scanning please click here

The following images are from the Kjaer Global Influences Spring/Summer 2005 Book. The project requires you to create three A4 pages in this style with 100 word explanation of the theme of the collection.



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