Role of Photoshop

The role of Photoshop for designers and artists




Scanning images

Scanning Negatives

Scanning Slides

Sample Images



Getting Started

Connecting a digital camera to the computer

Transferring images from the camera to the computer

Organising images in Adobe Bridge

Saving Files



Adobe Camera Raw

Taking photographs in Raw Format (as opposed to JPG)

Canon 300D | Canon 350D | Nikon D40

Adobe Camera Raw

Click here to download Raw images >>



Getting to know the Photoshop work area

Lesson 01



Photo Corrections

Lesson 02



Working with Selections

Lesson 03



Layer Basics

Lesson 04



Colour Management and Printing

Calibrating your screen

Colour Settings

Print Settings



Pen Tool

Creating selections with the Pen Tool
























The Photoshop Interface

05: The Photoshop Interface (+ History Palette and basic saving)
-----DVD | 1:Touring the Interface



Saving files

06: Saving files
-----DVD | 3: Saving and File formats


Image Size

07: Image Size
-----DVD | 3: Resizing and image resolution



Cropping an image

08: Cropping an image
-----DVD | 6: Cropping



Straightening an image

09: Straightening an image
-----DVD | 6: Straightening



Photographic image editing workpace

10: Colour and Tone Workspace

11: The Histogram
-----DVD | 7: Reading Histograms

12: Adjustment Layers
-----DVD | 7: Using adjustment layers and the Adjustment panel



Tonal adjustments

13: Brightness / Contrast

14: Levels (for adjusting Tone)
-----DVD | 7: Adjusting Tones with Levels

15: Curves
-----DVD | 7: Curves

16: Exposure

17: Shadows / Highlights
-----DVD | 7: Adjusting with Shadow/Highlight

18: Dodge, Burn and Sponge tools
-----DVD | 7: Using the Dodge, Burn and Sponge Tools



Colour adjustments

19: Colour Balance

20: Hue / Saturation
-----DVD | 7: Adjusting with Hue / Saturation

21: Vibrance

22: Black and White

23: Photo Filter

24: Channels

25: Selective Colour

26: Levels (for adjusting Colour)

27: Replace Colour



Additional Adjustments

27: Invert

28: Posterize

29: Threshold

30: Gradient Map




Marquee Tool

Magic Wand

Quick Selection

Lasso tool

Pen Tool | Face | Toys (and step by step instructions)

Colour Range



Repairing images

Cloning and Healing Tools







Masks Palette









New documents

Setting up a new blank document



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