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YouTube is a website that allows you to post video online and also view other people's video postings.
You can search for footage by subject and because of its popularity YouTube can be a good place to post your video work if you want people to see what you have been working on.

One of the most important things to remember is to include information (a title, description and 'tags') with any files you upload. This information gives YouTube keywords about your video that will allow it to be found when someone does a search on the site.

YouTube sometimes features links to competitions like this one. http://www.youtube.com/projectdirect
Entering something like this would mean your work being shown to respected directors within the film community as well as other YouTube users which could help you make contacts and lead to future projects.

Anyone can view material on YouTube but in order to upload video material you need to create your own user account.

1 Click 'Upload' at the top right hand side of the screen

2 A screen will open with two sections -
'Member Log In' and 'Create Your YouTube Account'

3 If you do not already have an account, enter your details in the 'Create Your YouTube Account' section and follow the onscreen instructions. (If you already have an account, go to stage 7)

4 Once the YouTube website confirms that you have registered, quit out of your web browser.
(eg Safari / Firefox / Internet Explorer etc)

5 Reopen your browser and go back to http://www.youtube.com

6 Click the 'Upload' button at the top right hand side of the screen

7 Log in with your username and password

8 The 'Video Upload' screen appears.
It is divided into a number of sections and you will see more information by clicking the blue links.

• Title/description/tags/category.
YouTube is searchable so it is important that you enter relevant information so that your work is easy to find.

Title and Description

• Public or private access
You can choose whether to let everyone see your work or just a few people.

Public or Private access

• Details of when it was recorded and where
If you enter the name of the place your work was recorded the map should display the relevant location.

Date and Location

• Sharing options
This lets you choose how much or how little of other people's feedback you want to display alongside your work.
If you have concerns over other people using your work without permission you can select 'No' in the 'Embedding' section and this will prevent your work being used on sites other than YouTube.

Sharing Options

• Video Upload
You can choose to upload a video file you have made or connect to a web cam and record footage this way.

Uploading and capturing video

• If you click 'Upload a video...' you will see the screen below.
YouTube warns you not to upload footage unless it is material you have created yourself and we would respectfully insist that you follow YouTube's guidelines.

Click 'Choose File' to find the video file on your hard drive.
Then click the 'Upload Video' button.

Uploading a video

If you click 'Quick Capture' you will see the screen below instead.
This allows you to connect your computer's web cam and microphone (if attached) and record footage this way.

Upload web cam footage

Once you have uploaded your video, click the button to go back to your account.
Your uploaded video may take a short while to process and you may find that you need to click the 'refresh' button on your browser to see your video.


When your video is viewable, the title will change to blue and when this is clicked a page will appear displaying your uploaded video.

To remove your video, click the check box and then click the 'Remove Video' button.

Other similar or related websites

• Google Video


• iFilm


• Metacafe


• Veoh


• Outloud TV

• Go Fish

• Vimeo

• Yahoo Video

• Zkouknito

• Leech Video


Online tv web broadcasters'

• Blip TV (episodic content (online tv shows) rather than one off clips and viral marketing etc)

(Creative director is Spike Jonze)


Social networking sites -

• My Space

• Face Book


• The MP3 Experiment

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