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Support files folder contains the following -
• Original presentation to Shell
• PDFs/Freehand files of the invitation design
• Appropriate stencil imagery
• Shell design guidelines

When working as a designer, it is sometimes necessary to work within the parameters of a preexisting visual identity. In this case, an invitation has been designed which establishes the 'look' for the Shell Networking event.

A poster and screen image are now required which follow on from the original concept but which also take on your own personal creative interpretation.

You should take time to look at the design of the invitation in order to establish which aspects are visually significant. You should then develop your own designs based around some of these elements. It is important that your design for the poster and e-screen have a generally similar feel to the invitation.

Textual content should include text from the existing invitation design

'New Professionals Event
Feb 12 - 13'

'Shell new professionals invite you to bring your enthusiasm and energy to actively participate in this dynamic, exciting event.'

From our briefing with the client, the phrase 'Exploration Production Europe' should also appear.

It would be a vey good idea to involve the Phantom Stencil font for any titles as this is the main font used on the invitation. Any body text should be in Futura or Futura Bold. Both poster and e-screen need to be quickly readable so it may not be appropriate to involve large amounts of additional text.

Fonts are installed on the computers in Mac Lab B next to the 3rd Year studio.

Like many large organisations, Shell have certain design guidelines which should be observed in any work you produce for them.

These include preferred colours for print and onscreen use, as well as certain preferred fonts. Please read and make use of these guidelines within the work you do for this project.

If you do not adhere to these guidelines, Shell may be unwilling to accept your work.

Click here to view relevant style guidelines for use within this project.

The final poster design will be printed at A0 size.
However, while designing in Photoshop/Freehand you should work at A3 size at 150dpi as Shell's banner printer can scale images up in size without loss of image quality. The final design may be portrait or landscape format although Shell suggest that a portrait version would be the more practical solution.

Your final e-screen design should be created at a size of 948 x 668 pixels at 72dpi in RGB colour mode.
Format should be landscape for use on a widescreen tv. You should check that the design you are creating on the computer monitor also looks good on a television screen. Please do this regularly while you are working.
(TV screens are of a lower resolution than computer monitors. This means that type may break up if it is too small. Your font size should therefore be a minimum of 16 point. Additionally, you may find that some colours do not sit well when placed next to each other on a tv screen and may appear to 'vibrate' or 'buzz.')

This is more or less how the invitation will appear -

Colours within the invitation make an oblique reference to the red and yellow of the Shell identity. However the Shell logo (known as the Pecten) is not at present involved in the design.

Click here to view a PDF of the invitation.

Click here to view a PDF of the envelope.

The existing invitation design involves -

Stencil images of two young people -
One male, one female - implying to a viewer that the event is applicable to people of both male and female genders. Figures are intended to appear positive and youthful and may be focussed on something work related. However they should NOT necessarily be clad in business suits as a way of suggesting the work environment.

Silhouettes of figures were created from digital photographs and then converted to grayscale in Photoshop with brightness/contrast greatly enhanced. Images were printed onto paper/thickish card and dark areas were cut out in order to create a stencil. The stencil was placed on paper and a graphite stick was rubbed over the cut out areas to create textured figures.

You could also develop other ways of creating stencils, whether this involves spray painting or other methods.

The envelope allows the invitation to slide out from one side and involves a cut out shape through which a yellow coloured area of the invitation is revealed. On the reverse are words with positive connotations which sum up the essence of the event - eg change, empower, motivate, connect, growth, learn. However, these words may change at a later stage and you should be prepared for this should you choose to involve them in your poster/screen designs.

Please note that the word 'Revolution' should not be included in the final design.

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