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For the first week of the project to remind you of how to use InDesign CS and Photoshop we will rebuild the cover and a two page spread from last years A5 Youth Festival brochure to the layout shown below.

Drag the two images above to your desktop and open in photoshop to view full size vertion

You can use new images from the Gallery Web Site and select similar fonts to the ones shown on the pages.

We have also provided a Word file with lorem ipsum text to us on the two page spread but you must use the headers and sub hears shown on the original cover and inside pages shown above.

Please Note:
The black / purple tint on the inside spread can be changed to match the colours of the new front page photograph you select.

For this project you can use the following images:

Click here to download text and dancer logo EPS

Click here to download text EPS

Click here to download dancer logo EPS

To down load Low Resolution images from the Youth Festival go to the following link and select your preferred image from the small preview pictures and then drag the large file to the desktop.

Aberdeen Youth Festival image web site

Drag this image to your desktop for sponsors logos

Click here to download a word file with Lorem Ipsum text for the content of the brochure

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