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Designing and programming (web and gaming)

Daniel Brown
Creative Technologist, programmer and Art Director.

Link to the Design Museum website article on Moscow based multimedia designer Alex Draganov.

Han Hoogerbrugge
Creator of the cartoonstrip Neurotica, a comic strip of his life as an artist in the mid 1990s. Artist/Flash animation designer. Clients include MTV.

Web designers (and print)

James Paterson (/Amit Pitaru)
Link to the Design Museum website - interview with James Paterson and lots of links to examples of work.

Joshua Davis
Multimedia studio designing for web, print, broacast, applications and installations. Cutting edge Flash technologies.

Developers of web technologies.

Player Three
Creators of branded content, games and interactive toys for use on interactive television platforms, the web and mobile phones.

Rockstar Games
Creators of the controversial Grand Theft Auto games. Also developed the game version of the 1970s film The Warriors. Link to the Design Museum's interview.

Shinya Yamamoto
Innovative Japanese multimedia developer. Link to article and interview on the Design Museum website.

Yugo Nakamura
Innovative Japanese web developer. Link to article and interview on the Design Museum website.

More designers - print / broadcast / film / web / convergent

April Greiman
Known for embracing computer technology when it was first introduced to graphic design.

Art Chantry
and interview.

Attik Design
Award winning London based agency

Ben Miners
Print and motion graphics.

David Carson
Influential graphic designer, known for challenged established design 'rules.' Creative Director and designer at R/Greenberg Associates.

Commissioned and self initiated graphic design projects. Link to the Design Museum interview.

Ed Fella
Artist and graphic designer.


Herb Lubalin
Designer and typographer.

Hillman Curtis
Involved in all areas of digital media within the Online, Broadcast, and Video mediums and interested in the convergence of these areas. Clients include Fox and MTV.

Motion graphics - music videos.

James Widegren
Identity, interactive, motion, photography, print, styling projects.

John Maeda
Graphic designer, visual artist, computer scientist.

Joseph Muller-Brockmann
Known for illustration and exhibition design.

Kyle Cooper
Film title designer. Worked at R/Greenberg Associates.
Founded - Imaginary Forces and more recently, Prologue Films

Massimo Vignelli
Studio involved in many areas - eg identity, architectural, packaging, interior, exhibition, furniture, product.

Michael Horsham
One of the founders of Tomato.

Milton Glaser
Studio of respected American designer - identity, print, books, magazines, advertising, spacial work, illustration.

Neville Brody
Known for graphic design, branding, typography. Began Fuse, a collaborative excercise in experimental design and typography.

Patrick Kalyanapu

Paul Rand
Hugely influential graphic designer, known for groundbreaking logo design eg IBM, UPS.

Peter Saville
Link to design studio website and article on Design Museum website.

Feature length animations (company has just been bought by Disney)

Rudy VanderLans
Cofounder of Emigre Magazine, a journal for experimental graphic design.

Saul Bass
Known for his film titles and film posters - link to the Design Museum's article.

Seymour Chwast
Illustration, packaging, identities/logos, posters, children's books/products.

2d and 3d motion graphics for broadcast and film.

Studio AKA
2d and 3d motion graphics for broadcast and film.

Tanaka Ikko
Japanese poster designer.

Tibor Kalman
Graphic designer and provocateur.

Vaughan Oliver
Graphic designer based in London, V23, Known for album cover artwork for 4AD records.

Victor Moscoso
Known for psychedelic posters and comics.


Yusaku Kamekura
Pioneer of Japanese graphic design.

Digitally assisted Illustrator/designers

Dave McKean
Known for his work on Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics.

James Jarvis
Link to the Design Museum's interview with him. Does a lot of work for Silas and Maria.

J Otto Seibold
Creator and illustrator of the Mr Lunch books.

Product design

Jonathan Ive
Senior Vice President of Design at Apple Computer.

Raymond Loewy
Known as the father of industrial design.


Anton Corbijn

• Jonathan Glazer

Mark Romanek

• Michelle Gondry

• Spike Jonze


Issey Miyake

Paul Smith
Link to the Design Museum's interview.

Silas and Maria

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