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Before you start…..

The most important thing about using this equipment is to remember it is very fragile and that should be handled with great care.

The Mini Disk should never be left unattended at any time if out on lone, and any cost incurred by loss or damage to the equipment will be expected to be covered by the student in full.

This piece of IT equipment can be booked out from:

Bob Scott
Technical Support Officer
Room GA30
Gray's School of Art
Tel: 26 3619
Email: bob.scott@rgu.ac.uk

To record sound clips you will require a Mini Disk recorder as shown below and a Digital Microphone. Check everything is charged up before leaving as the Mini Disk player has a rechargeable battery and the microphone uses disposable batteries.
You will also have to buy your own Recordable Mini Disk

Once the sound clips have been recorded to Mini Disk you will need to connect the Mini Disk Player to the Apple Mac using the audio lead shown below. Plug the cable into the LINE/OUT socket of the Mini Disk player and the other end into the Microphone Socket of the Apple Mac


Once everything is connected up go toApple / System Preferences on the menu bar at the top of the screen and then click Sound

Make sure that on the Input tab that Line In is selected and check the computer is picking up your Mini Disk Recorder by playing a track. If it is working correctly the Input Level bar should move up and down to indicate it is receiving sound.

You can now go to the Sound Effects recording section of this tutorial.

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