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09: Apple OS X | How to Use a CD Writer

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How to Backup Your Work

Each student is responsible for backing up his or her own data. If a computer crashes or needs to be reinstalled, all data on it will be lost.

We recommend that all of your work should be backed up on CD or Pen Drive as often as possible.

Copying files to CD using Toast:

The preferred software for burning data to CD is called Toast. The Toast icon is located in the Applications folder in the hard drive folder and on the :

  • Double click the Toast icon. The following window appears:

  • Ensure that the Mac & PC button is ticked on the top left of the Toast window. If Mac only is ticked, the CD will not be readable on Windows PCs.

Ensure that the Data Disc tab at the top of the window is selected.

  • Click the New Disc button on the bottom left of the Toast window. This creates a Folder called My Disc in the Toast Window.

My Disc is highlighted, and you can name it whatever you wish.

  • Drag and drop the files you want to copy into the Toast window.

Note that you can select folders as well as files.

You can add as many times as you wish until the disc is full.

If you want to remove files and folders from the list, you highlight the ones you no longer need and press backspace (the button with the arrow pointing left) or click the remove key.

  • On the bottom right of the Toast window is a curved bar indicating in blue the space taken up on the disc. The grey indicates the space remaining.

Note: Some newer Macs have combined CD / DVD writers and are able to write data to DVD discs as well. The type of Recorder is indicated in the bottom right of the Toast window.

If you are burning a DVD disc, make sure that the disc is a DVD–R, as DVD+R discs will not work on Macs.

  • Press the red button to start recording. An option window will appear:

In the Basic tab, the type of recorder will be shown, as well as the number of copies you need. Leave the Write Speed option at default.

Click the Advanced tab. Click the Write Session button to allow data to be added to the disk later. Click the Write Disc button to lock the disc so that no more data can be added later.

  • Click Record and the computer will ask for you to insert a blank CD to write data to the disc.
  • When the disc has recorded, a message will appear on the screen that the disc has recorded successfully. 



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