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Knitting carriages- back and front beds.

1,2,3,8- inner levers -Tuck Cams
4,5,6,7- outer levers - Raising Cams

When casting on, tensions on both beds should be 10.

Cam Actions

-To place Tuck Cams out of action you must pull the cams fully backwards, moving the full two positions back.

-When using selective knitting you must move them backwards only one position.

-To place Raising Cams out of action you must push them fully forward, moving the full two
positions forwards.

-When using selective knitting you must move them forward only one position.

1x1 Circular Rib

Put out of action one diagonally opposite raising cam on each bed. In this case numbers 5 & 7 and increase the tensions by 2 points so the stitches don’t become too tight.

When knitting is completed put both raising cams back into action and re-adjust stitch size by changing tensions back to original settings.

Ripple Stitch

Adjust back bed stitch cam indicators 3 points higher, and place the front raising cams out of action,
(no 4 & 5) Change to contrast yarn, knit 4 rows back bed only.

Put front raising cams back into action, change to main yarn and knit 2 rows on both beds.

Repeat this until desired effect is complete. You can make the repeat more interesting by changing the colour and/or type of yarn when knitting on the back bed.

Half Cardigan Stitch

Place only one tuck cam out of action (no 1)

Knit till piece is complete.

Then replace all cams to normal position. This gives the fabric a gentle texture.

To make the texture stronger you can change the arrangement of the needles. Having the needles set like shown can make a big difference to the texture produced.


I . I . I . I . I . I . I . I . I . I . I . I . I . I . I . I . I . I . I
  I = Hign Butts
I . . I . . I . . I . . I . . I . . I . . I . . I . . I . . I . . I . . I . . I
  . = Hign Butts


With this arrangement only half-withdraw tuck cam no1 knit again till piece is complete. To finish knitting in “Cardigan” replaces all cams in action and continues knitting.

Full Cardigan Stitch

Place two diagonally opposite tuck cams out of action (no 3 & 1) so that when knitting right to left the back bed is out of action and from left to right the front bed is out of action.

Continue to knit desired length.

Again by arranging the high and low butts and only half-withdrawing the tuck cams you will see
a stronger effect.


Put both tuck cams on the front bed out of action. (no 1& 8) knit 2 rows.

Put tuck cams back into action, knit 2 rows. This will form your repeat.

Also try changing the colour every two rows to make an interesting stripe effect.


Use the racking lever as follows.

Start by transferring every forth stitch from the front bed to the back bed, then with the carriage on the right rack the beds one space to the right by pushing the racking lever down, knit 2 rows. Again rack one space to the right knit 2 rows. This time rack one space back to the left by pushing the racking lever up knit 2 rows, again rack one space to the left knit 2 rows.

This is the basis for your repeat.
Continue in this way until piece is complete.

You can rack more to the left or right but you must watch the end stitches as they may begin not knit if to far from the main body of knitting.

Selective Ripple Stitch

You will only fully see the effects of selective knit if you arrange the high and low buts in an interesting way.

When doing this try not to have large gaps between your high butts, keep your low butts to groups of 3 or 4.

Half- withdraw both raising cams in front bed (no 4 & 5) to select high butts only and fully withdraw raising cams on back bed (no 7 & 6) so no needles are selected.

Increase stitch size by 3 points knit 4 rows.

Put all cams back into action and knit 2 rows.

Again you can change colour in between cam changes.

Square Effect

Make your needle arrangement of high and low butts.

Check all tensions are the same, about 10-13.

Knitting in 1x1 rib knit 4 rows using main yarn colour.

Half-withdraw both raising cams on front bed (no 4 & 5) to select high butts only, leave in action the raising cams on the opposite bed, change to contrast colour and knit 4 rows.

Replace all raising cams, change to main yarn and knit 2 rows.

This forms your repeat for square effect.

Selective Tuck Stitch

Arrange needles in a regular distribution of high and low butts on one bed only can be front or back.

Knit 4 rows of 1x1 rib, place both tuck cams on the appropriate bed in the half-withdrawn position.

For example, if it is the front bed needles that you have arranged then half-withdraw tuck cams 1 & 8,
leave all other cams in action, knit 4 rows. Replace tuck cams knit 2 rows.

This forms your repeat for selective tuck stitch.

The effects of this stitch are shown on the opposite side of the fabric.

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