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Brotherlink Cables using DesignaKnit 7 & Brother KH-970 Knitting Machine

1. Open DesignaKnit 7 program. Once open select stitch designer icon, 3rd from the top on the vertical tool bar on the left hand side of the screen.

2. Select file then open stitch pattern. Now choose you stitch pattern by clicking on it and select ok.

3. With your chosen pattern on screen select options from the main menu bar at the top of the screen, then select method of knitting, select Fair Isle and then ok.

4. Go to File on the main menu and then save as, save your chosen file under any name or number and click ok.

5. Now switch on the knitting Machine and make sure the main menu screen is showing. If the screen does not appear press the return to main menu arrow.

6. On the computer select transfer and from the drop down menu select Download, then select Brother KH970 SPECIAL CABLE 200 and click OK.

7. You now need to follow the on screen instructions to complete your download.

Screen 1 on computer

On the CB-1, select DATA TRANSFER

(CB-1 refers to the knitting computer)

Screen 1 on knitting machine
- On Main Menu screen scroll right to the data transfer icon and select using the selection arrow.

Scroll right to Load Data From Disk icon and select.

Screen 2 on computer

On CB-1, select DISK PAGE NO.1

Screen 2 on Knitting Machine
Select Disk Page no.1.


Screen 3 on computer

Select 901

Screen 3 on Knitting Machine


Screen 4 on computer

on the CB-1, at LOAD EXECUTION,
note the new pattern no. and select OK

Screen 4 on Knitting Machine

Note your pattern number allocated by the knitting machine and select ok.

Wait for your pattern to Download.

Screen 5 on computer
The screen has now returned to the stitch designer screen with your pattern on it.

Screen 5 on Knitting Machine
This screen has now returned to the main menu and you are now ready to start to knit.

Knitting your pattern
1. Main menu screen appears, select Positioning icon, push Selection arrow.

2. Positioning Program screen appears, select Pattern Position Input icon, push Selection arrow.

3. Carriage Selection screen appears, select K- Carriage icon, push Selection arrow.

4. Pattern Range screen appears, select either all over patterning or single motif patterning, push Selection arrow.

All Over Patterning Single Motif Patterning

5. Pattern Number screen appears this is where you need to in put the number you received by the knitting machine when downloading, enter it and push the selection arrow.

6. Pattern Position screen appears. The computer automatically sets the starting point in the middle of the knit. To alter this select either left or right then type the number of the needle position where you wish to begin. Push selection arrow.

7. Your pattern data appears, push the selection arrow.

8. Back to Main menu screen. Select Knitting icon, push selection arrow.

9. Knitting screen appears, push ‘0” and down on the direction keys. This sets your pattern at the beginning. Push the selection arrow to put a stop on the screen. You are now ready to knit.

Knitting your design

1. Thread main colour yarn into right hand side of tension unit and contrast yarn into left hand side. Cast on in main yarn, knit a few rows in stocking stitch.

2. With K-carriage on the left, set Change knob to KC (I) move carriage past left hand sensor to the right. Pattern needles are selected.

3. With K-carriage on outside of right hand sensor, push selection arrow to cancel stop screen, push in top MC button, thread contrast yarn into feeder “B”. Holding yarn by hand move K-carriage from right to left.

4. Continue to move carriage back and forth to knit your pattern. When pattern is complete the display screen will show the number 1 and sound a beep.

You can now either continue to repeat your pattern or return the Change Knob back to N.L and continue to knit in stocking stitch.

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