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Downloading and Knitting on Passap E800

Downloading to E8000 module

1. Menu – Options – Method of knitting   - Intarsia
- 2 col Jacquard
- 3 col Jacquard
- 4 col Jacquard
- Right side facing textures
- Wrong side facing textures
2. Menu – Palette – Memo   - Assigning colours to feeders
3. Menu – Transfer – Download   - Choose Passap Electronic 8000
4. Enter stitch technique number   - for 2 colours use 500
- for 3 colours use 501
- for 4 colours use 502
these technique numbers are only used
when imputing on the PC
5. OK to E8000 stitch techniques window    

On the Module

1. Press ProgS – Enter sector number you wish to program - Enter
2. Enter 3(rom) – Cursor down and enter actual technique number – Enter
3. Enter 4(PC) – Cursor down and enter your 4 fig, pattern number – Enter

When the module indicates ‘on the PC select knit a pattern’ press enter on the
module and return on the PC

Knitting on the Passap

Getting started

Connect control panel and Switch on at wall
Select knits, control panel reeds start position, press enter
Select sector 0, press enter
Set width of knitting area. E.g.- 40 (L) and 190 (R) press enter
Select RWS set counter at 0 and stop at 198, press enter

Cast on

Follow control panel instructions
Set pattern selector dial and N-X lever at ^SX- vSX, set tension dial’s at 2, place handle up, press GO
Thread cast on yarn through feeder 1, select feeder, press GO
Set to ^LX- vLX, pick up feeder 1, cast on first row
Control panel beeps reading control sts; increase tension to 3, knit 2 rows.
Control sts, increase tension to 4, put in strippers, knit 3 rows.
Now press GO, machine will knit 198 rows.
Place knitted fabric around takedown rollers and tighten.

Knitting your pattern

Press knitS on control box, select sector you downloaded onto, press enter
Control panel reads 2 rows previous pattern, press GO
Thread feeders needed and select, press GO
Set to ^LX-vLX and place handle down, change tension to 5
Select RWS and calculate when the machine needs to stop. E.g.- at the end of your pattern

Number of rows in pattern = 150
Type of jaquard = 4 colour, which equals 8 lock passes per pattern row
Total (no of rows x lock passes) = 1200 + the cast on rows (200)
Final total = 1400

Push cursor down and enter stop at number, press enter.
Control panel reads your pattern information, press GO
Check the tensions on the yarn guides as the machine knits and wait till your pattern is competed.
To finish set N-X lever to N and knit 10-20 rows by hand, release feeder and knit one row with out yarn
to cast off.
Drop takedown rollers and remove knitted piece

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