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Passap knitting using DesignaKint software with you own image

Preparing your own image

Your image must be saved in tiff or jpeg format and at a resolution of no more than
150dpi and a height of no more than 15cm.

Transferring your image to DesignaKnit

Open ‘my computer’ icon on the desktop, then on the left side of the open window open the Local Dick (C:)

Double click DK7 and then double click small dk7, you should see the DKTest option.
This is where your file will be sent.

Now locate your file (either from disk or in the drop box), once found drag your file from the right side of the open window to the DKTest option. You are now ready to begin.

Using DesignaKnit

1. Open DesignaKnit program from the desktop. Once open select the designaknit graphics studio program, the 5th icon down on the vertical tool bar.

2. Go to file and open graphic. Select graphic files in drop down menu and select your image
once selected click ok.

3. The ‘Select image type’ box appears; picture option is already selected click ok.

4. The ‘Grid Settings’ box now appears. You must input the number of stitches by rows you want your design to be. This is determined by the size of your original image.
Next select the colour of grid you’d like to use and click apply then ok.

5. The ‘Conversion setting for pictures’ box appears input the number of colours you want your picture to be made up of. This can be between 4-16, once entered click apply then ok. (If your original picture is complex choose a high number)

6. The ‘Wool box’ is now on screen. De-select colours by clicking on them, once you have de-selected the colours you don’t want click apply then click ok on the graphics studio screen.

7. A warning will appear “work not saved”, ignore and click no.

8. You will now be asked to select a knitting method. Select the method you intend to knit in and click ok. (Patterns intended for domestic machines are in Fairisle, passap patterns in 2,3,4 Jacquard.)

9. Again an error message will appear, ignore and click ok.

10. Your image is now a pattern within the stitch designer program. You need to alter your pattern so that it has the correct amount of colours to correspond with the knitting method selected. Use the tools within stitch designer program to do this. Once the pattern is complete, you are now ready to save.

To Save

1. Select options then method of knitting select appropriate method, click ok.

2. Select palettes then memo, drag the numbers and place on your colours, click ok.

3. Go to file, save as. Save your pattern as a multiple of 3000, click save.

4. You are now ready to download. Follow the E8000 download sheet.

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