Postgraduate Certificate - Tertiary Level Teaching

Preparation for Module 1 Tutorial


If you are studying this resource as a short-course, or if you are studying it as part of an award or for credit-rated Continuing Professional Development (CPD), you're likely to have a tutor.

When you've worked through sections 1-7 you will be ready to meet with her or him.

Before the meeting:

  • Check that you have completed all of the exercises

  • Make sure you have printed out your answers and keep them to hand in a ring binder

  • Check that you can respond to queries about light bulb ("Idea") points

  • Think about your web learning experience and be ready to comment on it as well as the content

  • Prepare preliminary ideas as to the work you'd like to carry out for the two assesed assignments

  • If appropriate, re-read your "Optional Exercise" comments and be ready to talk about professional principles and values,


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