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A suite of modules has been produced by the Centre for the Enhancement of Learning & Teaching at The Robert Gordon University in order to support the University's Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Level Teaching, which is accredited by the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) and the Nursing Board for Scotland.

The contents of this web resource are the 7 sections of the core introductory module. They give course members progressive experience of the WWW.

MODULE 1 Contents


  1. The systems approach to curriculum development
  2. How students learn
  3. Specifying the outcomes of student learning
  4. Selecting appropriate teaching/learning methods
  5. Making effective use of the computer
  6. Assessing student performance
  7. Evaluating the effectiveness of the teaching/learning process
Recommended specifications:

Processor: 486 DX/4 or better
Resolution: 800x600
Colour Capability: 256 colours+
Browser: Netscape 3 or higher, Javascript enabled

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