Course: Postgraduate Certificate - Tertiary Level Teaching
Module: How Students Learn - A Review of Some of the Main Theories
Page: 6 - Further reading

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Further Reading

  • The Theory of Learning, by J. Cotton; Kogan Page, London, 1995.
  • The Theory of Learners, by J. Cotton; Kogan Page, London, 1995.
  • Instructional Technology : Foundations, edited by R.M. Gagné; Lawrence Erlbaum, Hillsdale, N.J., USA, 1987. (Chapter 3 provides a useful review of the findings of learning research.)
  • Handbook of Educational Technology (3rd ed.), by F. Percival,
  • H.I. Ellington and P. Race; Kogan Page, London, 1993 (This gives a detailed description of the Race 'ripples' learning model at the end of Chapter 1.)


YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS SECOND SECTION, "How Students Learn". Additionally, you have used the WWW to read material, view moving diagrams, complete exercises and visit other web sites. In the next section - "Specifying the Outcomes of Student Learning" - you will again cover new content and extend your use of the WWW.

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