Postgraduate Certificate - Tertiary Level Teaching

Assessed Assignment 1 (ii)


Write a critical review of teaching, student learning experience and assessment in your own subject area or some aspect thereof.

Trigger Ideas?

Teaching methods in one university compared with another  
  Full time mode delivery contrasted with flexible, open or pert-time modes
The way the department teaches and its relationship with the subject's professional body  
  The learning experience in a junior year and the learning experience in a senior year
Challenging the able and the challenge of the less able - subject teaching/learning strategies  
  The chronological study of the evolution of a particular course
Early efforts and now - A critical reflection on your personal development in teaching  
  What an analysis of assessment or examination profiles reveals  

When you have completed the assignment and had it returned after being assessed, we recommend that you file it with your answer printouts - for ease of reference.


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